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dublab is a non-profit online radio collective devoted to the growth of positive music, arts and culture. They have been broadcasting independently since 1999. Their audience of turned-on listeners connect from around the world. dublab’s mission is to share beautiful music via the world’s best djs. What you hear on dublab crosses genres and defies classification. Unlike traditional radio, the dublab djs have total freedom of selection. You will experience many different sounds, but find they all have the same soulful root. We have extended our creative action to include art exhibits, film projects, event production and record releases.

The Los Angeles-based Dublab Collective recently celebrated 10 years at the vanguard of Internet broadcasting. Whether innovating with webcasting, exploring magic turntablism or spinning far-out, eclectic sets, Dublab reflects all shades of future roots music. Dublab chops and channels cultural influences, musical epochs and sound sources from around the world using digital alchemy. They complement their fevered musical constructions with many types of visual stimulation, from film projects to myriad multi-media performance ideas.

Musically speaking, Dublab: Tonalism will feature some of the finest exponents of the “low end theory” generation of bass-heavy electronics of Southern California. A new crop of innovators in electronic music draws inspiration from the late beatsmith J Dilla to create startling electronic collages with a strong kinship with hip-hop.
To commemorate this special occasion, dublab has created a limited-edition playbutton featuring music by some of the artists connected to the project.

The proceeds from dublab::tonalism will go to benefit dublab, a Los Angeles based not for profit online radio collective.

Featured Artists:
Lucky Dragons / Golden Hits / SFV Acid / Julia Holter / Marcus Fischer / Pharaohs / Windy & Carl / Julianna Barwick / White Rainbow & Matthewdavid

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